Both Gary and Larry of Old Republic Title wanted to thank Mike Micci of Redwood Mortgage for having us look at insuring one of their loans recently. We were not able to insure this particular loan but Mike is up front and an open book for answering any questions. NO hesitation in recommending him for a loan transaction. HIs processor was prompt in getting back to us. Thank you for the opportunity Mike.

Larry  Christian
Consultants , Old Republic Title Company

I would like to thank Kristin Dennis of Banner Bank for helping me get a PPP loan for my business - JNC Lake Associates. (Many of you know me as Business Group Resources, and that is who I work with for R&D credits, but I also have my own business and run all my projects through that,). Kristin was amazing to work with. She exemplifies 5+ star Customer Service, and did so all the way through the case. Any time I called her she would either pick up immediately or get back to me within 15 minutes. She answered all my questions and helped me through the process - making it easy and simple. Thanks Kristin and I look forward to a great relationship with Banner Bank. Warm Regards, Chris Lake

Chris Lake Lake

Want to send a shout out to Mike Monteleone of RE/max 1for a couple of real estate transactions he is doing with the Larry/Gary team in the All Cities Group . He is legend in the valley and is being proactive on his transactions by ordering prelims ahead of time. Always admire agents who are ahead of the sale of the property to see what problems they can resolve before a home goes into escrow. Especially since a lot of sales are cash and close relatively fast. He is on in his game plan. Love the Fun emails you send out. Thank you Mike.

Larry  Christian
Consultants , Old Republic Title Company

Thank YOU Danny from the Larry & Gary Team for the confidence in allowing us to insure your personal transaction this past month. Danny is also very generous with his time and suggestions. You are a jewel and it shows with all the other referrals and Thank you comments in the meetings. It does not go unnoticed. .

Larry  Christian
Consultants , Old Republic Title Company

Sarah Eley is an expert in designing and building Mobile Apps and Websites. She is bright and empathetic with her connections here and is a great source for referrals within the group.

Richard Uzelac
Marketing , GoMarketing

“Chris Lake secured all the tax credits my two companies had coming from both the State and Federal governments. Chris is an expert in the field having work in Manufacturing R&D for years and authoring several important industry articles on R&D tax credits. Her company, BIS, gave us a clear and easy to understand document on what we were to receive. Due to time it took the government to pay us our tax credits, (and interest earned based on that time), ALL our checks exceeded the amounts BIS said they would be. We still were only required to make your payments based on the original smaller BIS estimates, which was nice! I highly recommend Chris Lake and BIS as the company that can recoup your tax credits earned.”

Richard Uzelac
Marketing , GoMarketing

I want to thank Alexis James, the absolute best employment/labor legal cornerwoman in the business for putting me in touch with her husband's client, the Combined American Physicians Co-op. We are putting together a tax efficiency strategy that will revolutionize the way these physicians will be able to save for retirement.

Ethan Samuels
Wealth Management , 4358 Camino De La Rosa

I want to thank Howard Blum for his quick and efficient way in helping our firm collect outstanding receivables from a challenging ex-client. We completed a project cleaning up a manufacturing's accounting records for a potential merger. Because the owner is not in the US and the general manager does not like to pay bills, we were not paid timely and as a result, we resigned from the work. Howard stepped in and helped us with getting a judgement and now trying to collect. I have used Howard's expertise in collection before and he is absolutely the best in the business. I love his low key style, yet aggressive when needed. Any business should have a Howard on their side. I appreciate you, Howard and many thanks!!

Carrie Hidding
Accountant , teamCFO

Mark Robbins with Lending Resources Group contacted me about the possibility of utilizing a reverse mortgage for his client in Monterey, CA And I want to thank him for reaching out to me for his client and her unusual situation. Thank you very much, Mark.

Lorraine Jones
Lenders , Option Funding, Inc.

Thank you Michael Goldman, Michael Goldman Consulting, for the Medicare referral. I greatly appreciate you. Best, Reeva

Reeva Simon Rivkin Simon Rivkin
Insurance , Rivkin Insurance Services