This is a slightly less conventional testimonial. I want to thank Eric Shaw for the way he runs All Cities and for Alan Altschul, your reverse mortgage specialist for bringing me into All Cities. The people within All Cities are the most professional, knowledgeable, and friendly business mavens I've ever met. My practice has grown exponentially and become more sophisticated and profitable than I ever thought possible. Learning about the process of borrowing against a company's Receivables as discussed by Eric Shaw, the obtaining of cash flow from a reverse mortgage as discussed by Alan Altschul, the tax efficiencies of cost segregation as discussed by Denise Borhoff, the use of Heartland Payroll Systems to determine a workforce's eligibility for WOTC credits as discussed by Craig Fergus, the ability to obtain R and D tax credits as discussed by Chris Lake, the goods and others related to employment law in California as discussed by Alexis James, and the ability to manage cash flow through the use of factoring as discussed by Carrie Jenkins, all have helped me understand the needs and pain points of my clients in ways I never would have thought. All Cities represents the ultimate in business acumen and the essence of espirit de corps.

Ethan Samuels
Wealth Management , US Vet Life

Mark Robbins continues to be involved in exciting deals that add to an already illustrious commercial real estate financing career. I am honored that he has engaged me for web design and other marketing services to elevate his online presence and bring to light recent accomplishments. Since 2002, Mark has helped businesses overcome complexities to secure real property, and simultaneously, helped private lenders obtain attractive returns on their loans and investments. Thank you, Mark, for your vote of confidence and your generous spirit.

Nelinia Varenas
Web Development , Breakthrough SEO Marketing

I always appreciate each referral I receive from my professional network and Steve Lavaeddin, VP with City National Bank. Steve has an extensive Banking background that includes Commercial and residential loans, including other financial services. Thank you Steve for trusting me with your client and the confidence you have in my experience as a reverse loan consultant. All of my clients have been referred to me, and referrals are the best source of my business and always appreciated.

Lorraine Jones
Lenders , Option Funding, Inc.

Jason is the best personal injury attorney. Coming form a good heart, Jason wants to help people properly recover after their injuries. He understands insurance policies in and out, and is able to provide sound advice based on that. He is very resourceful and keeps you updated every step of the way.

Edward Levin
Insurance , Goosehead Insurance DBA Eddie Insurance

A big thank you to Joe Iovenitti of Iovenitti Asset Protection Consultants for referring two Real Estate pro's from his network to me who wanted to learn more about our rental income guarantee program. We've concluded initial discussions and are moving to the next step in the process of on-boarding buildings into the program. Much appreciated Joe, cheers!

David Silverman, CRM, CIC
Insurance , Looking for my next opportunity

A big shout out to Les Himes for a referral to his niece and her dairy farm for R&D credits. One might not immediately recognize that as an R&D endeavor, but Les did after he visited her and saw all the technology involved, He can truly think outside the box in a way that helps American business. Thanks Les! Chris

Chris Lake
CEO , JNC Lake Associates

I want to thank Jay McDowell, the Business Optometrist. Jay is a prolific and brilliant business mentor who brings into focus areas of improvement for his clients. He is selective about his clientele and moreso about who he brings in to assist them. Jay has referred two wonderful new clients to me and counting. One such client may in fact help me generate business for Jeff Woo, another great friend and colleague here. Both clients had nothing but positive feedback to share about their experience with Jay. I look forward to helping them and learning more from Jay.

Ethan Samuels
Wealth Management , US Vet Life

I would like to thank attorney Alexis James of Workwise Law for referring me a colleague that turned into website business.

Sarah Eley
Tech , Agileient

I would like to thank attorney Danny Cooper of TLD Law for being such a great colleague and friend. He was available for legal advice to me over an issue that I am dealing with.

Sarah Eley
Tech , Agileient

Thank you Eric Shaw of New York credit and the founder of the All Cities Network. Eric is always looking for way to help you grow your business and network. I reached out to Eric and got a same day appointment time to meet with him to learn and obtain ideas on how to grow my business. Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to help me fill mine.

Denise Boroff
Consultants , Necie Insurance Services Inc/dba Necie Business Solutions