Jeff Rollert is a wealth of information. He goes out of his way to help members of All Cities Network to improve their presentation and provide guidance. As a speaker for All Cities Network, Jeff reached out to help me see many of the areas of my presentation that could be improved. He is always looking for ways to add value to the people he connects with and without a doubt is someone I can recommend for his coaching, consulting and more.

Rhonda Sher
Marketing , Unleashing LinkedIn

Alan Frankel of The Leavit group, I really appreciate your knowledge in the commercial insurance space. I've working with many insurance agents throughout the years but have not found anyone as kind or caring as you are. I was able to refer a small business to you that was outside of your daily expertise, and the way you handled it, made me look great. The client was really happy with the information and guidance that you were able to provide. The insurance space needs more professionals like yourself.

Edward Levin Levin
Insurance , Goosehead Insurance DBA Eddie Insurance

Jeff Rollert of Soul of the Business, you truly are the soul of the business. When I came to your Pasadena meeting, I was nervous about announcing the launch of my new business. At the end of the ending, my nervous had vanished and I ended up stealing the meeting. I appreciate your support. After the meeting you call me and offered your assistance. You wanted to promote me on LinkedIn. You immediately jumped on the opportunity to help me find my ghost customers. I wouldn't be able to do this without your support. Thank you.

Edward Levin Levin
Insurance , Goosehead Insurance DBA Eddie Insurance

Thank you Bill Bresee,  Atty for Leech Tishman, for helping me setup my new business. Your knowledge and guidance through the process of properly setting up an LLC, really helps to give me a piece of mind. You were able to walk me through everything step by step. I'm really glad we connected.

Edward Levin Levin
Insurance , Goosehead Insurance DBA Eddie Insurance

Hala gives an educational presentation with wonderful energy that motivated me to take my next best steps. I love knowing that with SMALL incremental changes my business will start seeing BIG results!! I enjoyed meeting personally with Hala. She has a way of making you feel comfortable and confident in the achieving you desire results. I gained clarity on exactly what my next steps would be to create small but impactful changes to elevate my business. THANK YOU HALA!

Rita Boccuzzi Boccuzzi

Jeff Woo is a person of high integrity and professionalism. It is an honor to be considered one of his trusted resources. I would like to sincerely thank Jeff for a recent referral that he passed to me that originated from one of his banking relationships. The company is an online retailer, and my agency is able to provide quite a few services that fit their online marketing requirements. Thanks, again, Jeff!

Nelinia Varenas Varenas
Web Development , Breakthrough SEO Marketing

Thank you Carrie Jenkins, for thinking of me and Insperity's payroll/ HR division as a potential strategic partner. I enjoy being in this process with you, and am learning more about the excellence Triumph Business Capital offers it's clients. Not only do you solve cash flow issues but you look for full solutions and to be a true consultative resource to your clients.


Thank you to Julie Widener for introducing me to Commercial Real Estate Broker, Donegan McCuaig, from Quixotic Realty in Downtown Los Angeles. I am looking forward to developing this relationship. Thank you, Julie!

Craig Adams
Broker , W Real Estate ~ San Francisco

I want to thank Nelinia Varenas, Breakthrough SEO Marketing, for helping teamCFO, upgrade our 10 year old website. Nelinia is thorough, insightful and brings her expertise so we can streamline and better deliver our message. I also really appreciate her patience and quiet but effective style of communication. We had to delay our scheduled progress meetings several times due to our workload and she was always understanding and graceful. Thank you Nelinia, you are a true professional.

Carrie Hidding
Accountant , teamCFO

Major thanks to Gabe Velez, CPA for connecting me with some of his dynamic clients for a variety of legal needs. Gabe makes warm introductions that allow me to seamless interact with his clients.

Daniel Cooper
Attorney , Cooper & Huber LLP