I do my planning for the upcoming year in December. I am most grateful to Jesse Israel for taking the time to educate me on financial planning for families. I live in the Silicon Valley and have clients with $2 million to $10 million net worth. Thank you Jesse.

Sumant Pendharkar
Insurance , Moneterra Inc.

I wish to thank Rhonda Sher for introducing me her friend who is looking for understanding and enrolling in a Medicare Insurance Plan. I have also signed up Rhonda's consulting services in sprucing up my LinkedIn profile.

Insurance , Moneterra Inc.

I want to thank Mark Robbins of The Lending Resource for his amazing support, he's always available to answer my client's questions and is ready to explore his creative solutions for my clients! THANK YOU MARK!

Dima Khoury
Real Estate , Compass

Thank you Mike Micci of Redwood Mortgage for your swift response to my request for land developers in my area. The 3 referrals I got are valuable and my client is highly likely going to work with one of them. MUCH APPRECIATED MIKE!

Dima Khoury
Real Estate , Compass

Thank you Howard Loeb fraud attorney for coming to me about your personal insurance. I appreciate your patience through the evaluation process, through underwriting and through the final stages of buttoning things up. You made my job super easy with all the documents and details you were able to provide. Thank you for supporting me and my business.

Edward Levin Levin
Insurance , Goosehead Insurance DBA Eddie Insurance

I would like to thank the very knowledgeable business consultant, Denise Boroff, of Necie Business Solutions, for referring an editing client to me. The gentleman had an important PowerPoint presentation to give in just a few days’ time, and needed help reworking the verbiage, fixing the grammar and punctuation, condensing the information, and cleaning up the graphics. We worked on it right up until his submission deadline (midnight, Chicago time). He reported back, after giving the presentation the next morning, that “it was fantastic!” which was very gratifying. Thanks again for the referral Denise!

Anita Rodal
International , SBPI Services, Inc.

I want to thank Alexis James, an employment attorney and Managing Partner oft WorkWise Law, for taking time to update our CFO, Controller and Accountant group at CalCPA-LA on 2020 CA Employment Regulations. She did an amazing job and there were so many regulations to cover-AB2257 (old AB5), Crime Victim Protection, SB1383, SB973, Cal-Osha, plus Covid-19 related paid time off, notice, tracking, reporting and on and on. Alexis, your comprehensive knowledge of the law and practical tips to businesses from having been in litigation are evident. Every business with more then 5 employees should call Alexis to stay compliance. Updating EE Handbook is a MUST. Everyone attended spoke highly of Alexis' knowledge of the law and her practical tips to businesses. Alexis, thank for sharing and educating our group.

Carrie Hidding
Accountant , teamCFO

I would like to thank Craig Adams of W Real Estate for his referral to speak at several different real estate groups. He is well connected in his industry and truly has a giving spirit. He went out of his way to learn more about my business and to make introductions to groups that would help me share what I do with my target market. I had a chance to learn how extensive Craig's real estate background is and how knowledgeable he is.

Rhonda Sher
Marketing , Unleashing LinkedIn

I would like to thank Richard Brownstein, a certified bankruptcy specialist who concentrates on keeping his debtor clients out of bankruptcy as well as securing great results for creditor clients maximizing recovery from debtors who attempt to avoid responsibility by filing a bankruptcy case. Richard referred a matter that involves possible fraudulent activity that may be subject to various remedies in the state courts, including relief under California's Uniform Voidable Transactions Act.

Howard Loeb
Attorney , Howard M. Loeb P.C.

I would like to thank Michael Goldman, a very well connected business consultant in the entertainment industry with top line education from the Wharton School of Business. Besides his expertise in the Hollywood arena, Michael is dialed into the growing AI (artificial intelligence) space. Michael offers fractional CFO services for startups as well as other companies. Michael referred a matter that involves potential violations of the federal securities laws as well as business torts under state law.

Howard Loeb
Attorney , Howard M. Loeb P.C.