I want to thank Alexis James, the absolute best employment/labor legal cornerwoman in the business for putting me in touch with her husband's client, the Combined American Physicians Co-op. We are putting together a tax efficiency strategy that will revolutionize the way these physicians will be able to save for retirement.

Ethan Samuels
Wealth Management , US Vet Life

I want to thank Howard Blum for his quick and efficient way in helping our firm collect outstanding receivables from a challenging ex-client. We completed a project cleaning up a manufacturing's accounting records for a potential merger. Because the owner is not in the US and the general manager does not like to pay bills, we were not paid timely and as a result, we resigned from the work. Howard stepped in and helped us with getting a judgement and now trying to collect. I have used Howard's expertise in collection before and he is absolutely the best in the business. I love his low key style, yet aggressive when needed. Any business should have a Howard on their side. I appreciate you, Howard and many thanks!!

Carrie Hidding
Accountant , teamcfo

Mark Robbins with Lending Resources Group contacted me about the possibility of utilizing a reverse mortgage for his client in Monterey, CA And I want to thank him for reaching out to me for his client and her unusual situation. Thank you very much, Mark.

Lorraine Jones
Lenders , Option Funding, Inc.

Thank you Michael Goldman, Michael Goldman Consulting, for the Medicare referral. I greatly appreciate you. Best, Reeva

Reeva Simon Rivkin Simon Rivkin
Insurance , Rivkin Insurance Services

Many thanks to Hezi Korn of Future State Engineering, a brilliant consultant with expertise in improving manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing, and supply chain management. Hezi referred his cousin to me for help with currency exchange. He is doing business in a variety of countries, and I will be able to lower his cost of currency as well as the cost of sending (i.e. to zero) and receiving (also to zero) international payments.

Anita Rodal
International , Associated Foreign Exchange & SBPI Services, Inc.

I really appreciate Larry Christian from the Larry/Gary team at Old Republic Title. I reached out to him recently for recommendations related to a family “Quit Claim Deed” for an out of State property. He called me back immediately and really spent time to understand the context before providing advice. He gave me good tips to add a binder to our insurance and connected me with qualified professionals that can help. He did not miss a step, eager to help, generous with his time. He is a GEM and I am so thankful for his guidance. No doubt Gary is the go to PERSON for anything to do with real estate title transactions. Thank You Gary!

Carrie Hidding
Accountant , teamcfo

Jay McDowell is President of Performance Strategies Management Consulting Group and moderator of two All Cities monthly meetings in Orange County -- Orange and Irvine. At two July 2020 meetings, Jay presented compelling arguments for adjusting our business models, measuring to make informed decisions, and riding the COVID-19 paradigm shift. In essence, to comply with social distancing mandated to stem the pandemic, businesses must ramp up their online meetings, online communication, and online marketing and sales. In that vein, Jay strongly recommended that All Cities members leverage the internet marketing services that Sarah Eley and I provide. I would like to extend my deep gratitude to Jay for promoting from within our All Cities family and referring Sarah and me to our fellow members on a prominent platform. I was deeply moved by Jay's authentic concern for the well-being of all our businesses in our radically changed environment. Thank you, Jay, for being our "Business Optomitrist" who shines a light on critical issues that need immediate attention.

Nelinia Varenas
Web Development , Breakthrough SEO Marketing

I would like to thank Jeff Rollert for doing an awesome follow up Zoom call for Howard Loeb, Larry Christian and I with more depth on what he does. He had perspicuous insights for each of us individually on how we can break through the “noise” and get a client’s attention very quickly on what we do. Jeff is truly knowledgeable and clearly stays on top of what is happening in business all the time, but that does not translate into a boring diatribe of facts and figures. Instead, you get engaging, relevant and enjoyable data on how to improve your business. The clients he works with are clearly very lucky.

Chris Lake
Consultants , Business Group Resources

I would like to thank Danny Cooper of TLD Law. He worked very patiently with my parents to get their estate set up. He was kind and personal with them, who had never set anything up before or worked with a lawyer. They were so happy with the result and said it was so easy. They also appreciated the personal touch since they were not comfortable with using technology to get and sign documents. If you or any friend, family, or contacts need help with estate planning, you need to contact Danny Cooper.

Sarah Eley
Tech , Agileient

Valerie Dufix, Principal of Dufix Business Capital, is a knowledgeable, resourceful, high-energy, well-connected, and responsive business loan broker who is highly regarded among her peers and clients. She was able to readily introduce me to three of her vetted lending collaborators whose expertise fit my requirements perfectly. I sincerely appreciate Valerie for her selfless professionalism and for losing no time in meeting my needs even when she would not be directly rewarded. Valerie's integrity and authenticity are above reproach.

Nelinia Varenas
Web Development , Breakthrough SEO Marketing