I'd like to thank Jay McDowell with Performance Strategies for entrusting both Ethan and I in assisting one of his clients with some of their financial planning needs. His client is a family owned business and they have been great to work with so far. We are setting up a 401k for the company as well as some personal planning for the owners using our deferred comp alternative. While working with Jay's client, I have noticed the outstanding results he has achieved with them. The company is growing exponentially and the owners couldn't be happier. I am looking forward to future endeavors with Jay!

Bryan Denove

All Cities has been an amazing group to not only generate business for myself, but to have so many amazing professionals to call on. One of those is Alexis James with Workwise Law. I had some questions around HR and compliance and she was more than willing to help. She spent time with me answering my questions as well as giving me invaluable tips. I really appreciate her expertise in this area.

Bryan Denove

I'd like to thank Peter Stephan and his team at Tax Resolution Institute for taking me on as a client for my other business. I am a minority owner in a sleep apnea diagnostic company and up to now, it hasn't been run properly. Peter offered his expertise to get the company caught up with taxes. His team has relieved a lot of stress for me. I love how I can lean on so many great professionals within the All Cities Network!

Bryan Denove

The Larry and Gary Team at Old Republic are amazing to work with. I have worked with almost every Title Company in Southern California and must say that Old Republic is they are one of the best in the industry. The special thing when working with this team is that Gary Bregman is an Attorney and he reviews my Title Reports the moment I list a property for sale and gives me a heads up if there are any issues with the Title. Larry Christian is my resource for property information, comparable sales and market research. Both are experts in their respective positions and I truly appreciate having them on my Team as well. Thank you guys!

Mike Monteleone
Real Estate Broker , RE/MAX ONE

I would like to thank Anita Rodal with SBPI Services and Associated Foreign Exchange who is a specialist in handling Corporate & Personal Currency Exchange. We recently purchased a home in Thailand and Anita easily, quickly and safely handled the wiring and transfer of funds for us. Thank you so much Anita in providing us with the peace of mind we needed.

Mike Monteleone
Real Estate Broker , RE/MAX ONE

I would like to thank Jason Gorowitz personal injury Atty for advising me in procuring an umbrella policy after I had a small accident. Thankfully, there were no injuries but it was a wake-up-call and a call for further action to protect my family and my assets. Now I can sleep better. Thank you, Jason!

Craig Adams
Broker , W Real Estate ~ San Francisco

As is the case with many ACN members, I too would like to send a BIG Thank you for Valerie Dufix of Dufix Business Capital. Valerie is such a professional and I love her passionate no nonsense approach and diligence. I'd like to thank her for thinking of me when one of her clients needed a residential loan to purchase a $5MM home in the state of Washington. Since successfully closing that deal in early November 2020, Valerie has continued with additional introductions and referrals to other clients she's working with. Her clients LOVE her and it definitely shows in how many different clients she works with. Thank you Valerie!!

Steve Lavaeddin
Bankers , City National Bank

Thank you, Ethan for your diligence in meeting my Clients various personal and business Financial and Wealth needs. Ethan's ability to speak to individuals with complex concepts in a way that they can understand and support the recommendations is a valuable skill. Ethan has also brought a number of 5-Star professionals to broaden his offerings to meet the needs of my Clients. My sincere thanks to Ethan and his outstanding network partners.

Jay McDowell

This is a slightly less conventional testimonial. I want to thank Eric Shaw for the way he runs All Cities and for Alan Altschul, your reverse mortgage specialist for bringing me into All Cities. The people within All Cities are the most professional, knowledgeable, and friendly business mavens I've ever met. My practice has grown exponentially and become more sophisticated and profitable than I ever thought possible. Learning about the process of borrowing against a company's Receivables as discussed by Eric Shaw, the obtaining of cash flow from a reverse mortgage as discussed by Alan Altschul, the tax efficiencies of cost segregation as discussed by Denise Borhoff, the use of Heartland Payroll Systems to determine a workforce's eligibility for WOTC credits as discussed by Craig Fergus, the ability to obtain R and D tax credits as discussed by Chris Lake, the goods and others related to employment law in California as discussed by Alexis James, and the ability to manage cash flow through the use of factoring as discussed by Carrie Jenkins, all have helped me understand the needs and pain points of my clients in ways I never would have thought. All Cities represents the ultimate in business acumen and the essence of espirit de corps.

Ethan Samuels
Wealth Management , 4358 Camino De La Rosa

I always appreciate each referral I receive from my professional network and Steve Lavaeddin, VP with City National Bank. Steve has an extensive Banking background that includes Commercial and residential loans, including other financial services. Thank you Steve for trusting me with your client and the confidence you have in my experience as a reverse loan consultant. All of my clients have been referred to me, and referrals are the best source of my business and always appreciated.

Lorraine Jones
Lenders , Option Funding, Inc.