I'd love to thank Bill for inviting me to Think Asia Think HongKong event took place at JW Marriott in DTLA on September 20th. It was an international promotion organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council to highlight Hong Kong's pivotal role in connecting Asia's markets to the rest of the world. The event provided opportunities to US professionals like myself who are already working with clients doing business in HK and the US, to learn more about the market and future trends. Thank you Bill.

Jia Zhou Zhou

I would like to thank Jason Gorowitz, PI Attorney for spending two hours of his time with referral client regarding two car accidents they were in within 6 months- both times client was not at fault and had injuries. Referral was living in Orange County at time of accidents and recently moved up to SFV. Jason went through her detailed account of accidents and paperwork. He advised her that attorney dropped the ball and as a result he could not help her. He guided her on what she could do on her own to hopefully recoup medical expenses and pain & suffering money. Jason went above and beyond his call of duty in guiding referral even though he could not help her. A TRUE PROFESSIONAL!

Grace Mitnick

It's "true", Howard Blum is "the best lawyer at uncovering money". I referred a friend of mine who has a business cleaning Bio Hazard events and "hoarder's who sometimes don't want to pay the expense of cleaning up their homes, even though they are threatened by their local municipalities to "clean up" or "else". My friend never received payment from a pair of hoarders and has been waiting a year for her money and Howard has managed to get some of it, but he's "dogged' in not giving up and my friend will receive they money she is owed for her services. Thanks Howard.

Lorraine Jones
Lenders , Option Funding, Inc.

Many thanks to Bill Campbell, Esq. of WJC Legal, for the privilege of helping him with his currency exchange needs. It is the ultimate compliment when an All Cities member uses your services him/herself, and it's a great feeling to know that he will be saving money as a result.

Anita Rodal
International , SBPI Services, Inc.

Eric Shaw, CEO of New York Credit, will run credit checks on request to help All Cities members gain insights into the financial condition of prospective clients. Eric did such a credit check on a prospective medical instrument manufacturing company for whom I wish to propose online and social media marketing campaigns. Within less than an hour, Eric gave me the thumbs-up on the financial condition of the prospective company along with some key financial metrics. This valuable information gives me peace of mind and the confidence that the prospect is financially strong. Thank you very much, Eric, for your generous help. Your credit check capabilities are an under-stated benefit of membership in All Cities Network.

Nelinia Varenas

A "thank you" to Alan Insul for making an introduction to a Hotel Developer he knows.

Craig Adams Adams
Broker , W Real Estate ~ San Francisco

I would like to thank Peter Stephan of SST CPAs and the Tax Resolution Institute for providing guidance on an approach to reduce or eliminate capital gains on the sale of a home. Peter took my message after hours and responded before the next morning, providing a thorough explanation of the financial option. Peter is a great resource and highly responsive. Thank you Peter!

Alan Frankel

I want to thank Sean Hesami at Bank of the West for the numerous referrals regarding potential buyers, sellers and 1031 Exchange clients when it comes to residential and commercial real estate .The most recent referral involves a buyer which Sean has just approved for a commercial loan and has a timeline to designate his up-leg and to complete his 1031 Exchange. I truly appreciate the opportunity and trust that Sean has placed in me. I will always do my very best to meet his and the clients needs expeditiously. For anyone considering a new loan or refinancing, Sean offers extremely low rates with little to no cost in the highly competitive commercial lending market. For the Very Best...Go with Sean at Bank of the West! Thank you Sean!!

Mike Monteleone
Real Estate Broker , RE/MAX ONE

I would like to thank Alexis James at Work Wise Law for her wonderful presentation regarding the ramifications of the Dynamex court case. I was able to restructure my business and I was able to inform and help prepare several colleagues in the insurance and financial planning space. She was thorough, meticulous, well-informed, and a very effective communicator.

Ethan Samuels
Wealth Management , US Vet Life

I would like to thank Sean Hesami, The Bank of the West, for the numerous commercial real estate referrals. I'm currently assisting a gentleman in the acquisition of an automotive center in the San Fernando Valley in order to complete his 1031 Exchange. Sean has referred me to numerous buyers and sellers who are interested in commercial real estate. He has an enormous resource for all types of financing and extremely favorable rates and terms. Bank of the West also offers very high savings rates, so now is a great time to call Sean. Thank you so much Sean! Your Added Value Real Estate Broker, Mike

Real Estate Broker , RE/MAX ONE