I would like to thank Pallavi Shah for introducing me to her client in San Francisco's Richmond District. The meeting went well and by working together we put much more value on the table than approaching his challenges individually. I look forward to working with you!

Craig Adams
Broker , Coldwell Banker San Francisco

I would like to thank Max at Digital Uppercut. My client signed a contract with a public entity that requires them to have cyber coverage, and they do not have IT expertise in-house to know what safeguards they need to protect data. I reached out to Max and he responded within a few hours, providing valuable guidelines for IT security that will help them protect their network and secure the cyber coverage needed. Max provided just what my client needed in short order. Thanks Max.

Alan Frankel
Commercial Agents , Leavitt Group

I would like to thank Peter Stephan with the Tax Resolution Institute for providing me with some advice in regards to an unintended IRS situation I found myself involved with due to my previous CPA. I know Peter is extremely busy, but he took the time to speak with me about it and it's appreciated.

Lorraine Jones
Lenders , Option Funding, Inc.

Thank you to Jason Gorowitz who specializes in personal injury and auto accidents, helped out an acquaintance of mine in regards to a different issue with a great deal of patience and advice. Jason gave up some of his time to help her and she was able to resolve her problem. Hopefully, no one will be in an auto accident, but if you are, call Jason before you contact your insurance company, because he will be able to negotiate a settlement for your, far greater than what you could achieve on your own.

Lorraine Jones
Lenders , Option Funding, Inc.

I would like to thank the following AC members who have been so generous and donated to my GoFundMe campaign to Help Heal Radar the Rescue Kitty's Eyes: Carrie Jenkins of Triumph Business Capital Bob Fenster of Sales Ink Sean Townley of Manufacturers Bank I APPRECIATE YOU!!

Anita Rodal
International , Associated Foreign Exchange & SBPI Services, Inc.

Thank you to Howard Blum, "Best Lawyer Uncovering Money" for referring me a client who is growing his business and wants to be in compliance with employment laws. Howard is a trusted legal advisor who tenaciously fights for his clients to collect debts. Thank you, Howard for the referral.

Alexis James
Attorney , WorkWise Law, PC

I would like to thank Atty Howard Blum, best lawyer uncovering money for helping me collect money on a liquidation of a furniture manufacturer. He made me look good in front of my client Wells Fargo Bank. Over the last 3 years Mr Blum has collected over six figures for my clients.

Eric  Shaw
CEO , New York Credit, Inc.

Thank you, Howard, for the valuable advice of how to handle a BK13 individual who was not living up to the plan. Howard advice me to write to the trustee and outline my concerns and the problem was resolved without me having to go back to the attorney. Best lawyer in finding money.

Howard Tenn
Wealth Management , The Federal Savings Bank

I would like to thank Anita Rodal, International Liaison for Associated Foreign Exchange – specializing in currency exchange for international commerce. She referred to our office a CPA looking for a residential mortgage loan. The file was a little complex so thanks to our "out of the box" resources, we were able to find the right lender.

Valerie Dufix
Lenders , Dufix Business Capital

I want to thank Howard Loeb, an attorney licensed in California and New York, concentrating in commercial fraud litigation in federal and state courts. He's currently helping one of my clients who is going after one his bank, the bank made a mistake resulting in a major loss for my client. Howard was very responsive and put a team together. Thank you Howard for your prompt response to the matter and for being very professional.

Valerie Dufix
Lenders , Dufix Business Capital