I sincerely thank Carrie Hidding of teamCFO for entrusting her company website 's update and redesign to Breakthrough SEO Marketing. We will implement SEO best practices which include improving user experience and relevance to teamCFO's target markets. Thank you, Carrie, very much for this pivotal opportunity to be of service to you as we take steps: 1) to reflect your company's goals, mission, and vision accurately and engagingly and 2) to entice website visitors to contact your office for advice.

Nelinia Varenas

I would like to shower Anita Rodal of Associated Foreign Exchange with gratitude. She introduced me to a burgeoning bakery that would like to strengthen their online presence with the latest and greatest SEO best practices. Thank you, Anita, for opening the door so I can help this small business owner grow sales revenues and step out in front of competitors.

Nelinia Varenas

I want a shout out and gave a big Thank You to Alan Frankel from the Leavitt Group-an Insurance Brokerage Firm, for his presentation to the CalCPA Business and Industry group that are CFOs, Controllers, Tax accountants and Financial Advisors. He gave a comprehensive update on the business insurance industry covering how the fires, hurricanes and covid have impacted the industry, and more importantly, what businesses should expect when renewing policies. Everyone attended commented how informative, educational and insightful it was. It came through clearly that Alan brings his business knowledge, his passion to solve problems for his clients as well as being effective in balancing risks and costs. Well Done! .

Carrie Hidding
Accountant , teamCFO

My thanks go out to Tricia Mangabat for her commercial and residential real estate referrals! Thank you Tricia. I appreciate you very much!

Mark Robbins
CEO , Lending Resources Group, Inc.

I would like to thank Alexis James for bringing me in as a speaker to her TEN group regarding ADA compliance on websites. This exposure allowed me to gain business through her network. Thank you Alexis!

Sarah Eley

Many thanks to Anita Rodal, MS, of SBPI Services, Inc., a premier International Financial Services company, for introducing me to key executives of a publicly-traded company who are interested in SEO marketing services to reach their target markets. This introduction has the potential of developing into a long-term strategic relationship. Thank you, Anita, for your confidence and wonderful support.

Nelinia Varenas

I'd like to thank Edward Levin with USI Insurance for referring a Non-Emergency Medical Transport client who is having challenges with their coverage and premium. I appreciate the opportunity and confidence you have in me. Thank you Edward!

Alan Frankel

Anita Rodal with Associated Foreign Exchange would like to thank the wonderful David Silverman of NFP Commercial Insurance for a referral to a global employer organization that has clients in over 100 countries. Thank you for thinking of me!

Anita Rodal
International , SBPI Services, Inc.

Julie Widener is a CPA with Allegent Group LLP and she recently referred one of her clients to me for the possibility of applying for a reverse loan. Needless to say, I am thanking her for trusting me with one of her clients and I always appreciate referrals.

Lorraine Jones
Lenders , Option Funding, Inc.

I would like to say thank you to David Silverman with NFP insurance. I needed a referral that I posted on Needs & Deals for a robotics manufacturer. He responded immediately with an excellent introduction that lead to an additional business opportunity. Thank you David!

Charles Schapira
Consultants , U-Turn Consulting