I want to THANK Lorraine Jones from Option Funding Inc, she’s a reverse mortgage consultant. Lorraine referred me a client last week she couldn’t finance. She went out of her way to find the best option to help the client and it just so happen that I can provide a solution. Thank you Lorraine, this is one of my best deals and your clients are lucky to have you because you just don’t stop at what you can do, rather, you reach out to your resources to provide them with a solution to their problems. You are a miracle worker. I Thank you very much!!!

Valerie  Dufix

I wanted to thank Stuart Burlingham, Director Business Development, www.SourceHovTax.com Stuart helps companies of all sizes and across many industries meet the federal government’s test for innovation and qualify to claim research and development (R&D) tax credits. Stuart introduced us at the office to one of his client who needed few loans in order to grow his two businesses. Thank you so much Stuart for the warm hand off and for trusting us in handling your client’s business loans.

Valerie  Dufix

Howard Loeb would like to thank Matt Cohen of SST and the Tax Resolution Institute for a referral of a specialized service provider with a dispute between that service provider and a technology company. Matt did an excellent job in spotting business issues that fall within my area of concentration as a commercial fraud litigator.

Howard Loeb
Attorney , Howard M. Loeb P.C.

Les works in the Property& Casuality insurance sector. I need to thank Les for spending the time with me in determining where to place my earthquake insurance (after my previous provider upped the renewal premium by about 33%). In the overall picture , as compared to total premiums generated by Les, my prermium is probably a speck on the head of a pin. But, even so, Les was willing to spend the time to answer my numerous questions, (the "what if" kind), He sent me many e-mails, did a number of comparative schedules from different insurance companies and did not yell at me once for being "pesty". This is a man with a great disposition Thanx again

Martin Josephson
Accountant , Marcum LLP

Kirk did a great job speaking to a group of trusted advisors of mine, on divorce and the valuation issues he sees throughout the process. The group was impressed, and I was told it is something they will be discussing with their clients. He made me look good, gave me something material to discuss with existing clients and their kids. Most importantly, it has led to a referral.

Jeffery Rollert

For the past 6 years I have been asking people in the industry why lenders require a copy of the complete Trust Agreement when title is in held in Trust. I've never gotten a good answer until I was in an elevator with Larry going to an All Cities meeting!! Larry is a title expert with Old Republic Title and he knows his stuff!!

Alan Altschul
Lenders , American Advisors Group

Valerie Dufix of Dufix Business Loans has used her extensive experience in commercial lending to find available lending solutions for businesses that do not at the present time qualify for traditional bank financing. Valerie reached out to me to consult with one of her many contacts about a pending business dispute.

Howard Loeb
Attorney , Howard M. Loeb P.C.

I was referred a client for a reverse loan who I was unable to help, however I knew someone who could satisfy a unique mortgage situation and I had Joel handle this client's transaction. He did a superior job of setting up financing for this client to the client's complete satisfaction in a very short period of time. Thank you Joel for your professionalism and not having "step #3".

Lorraine Jones Jones
Lenders , Option Funding, Inc.

I would like to thank Valerie Dufix of Dufix Business Loans. Valerie provides conventional (and less than conventional) business loans to business owners and can do so quickly. Valerie referred a business owner to me that is looking an accountant to provide tax and accounting services as well as tax planning specific to his operation..

Matthew Cohen
Accountant , Accuvisors

I need to thank Kirk Marangi with Kirk Marangi Economic Valuations. My client was working on a personal financial statement for her financial advisor and asked what value she should put down for her business. I reached out to Kirk and asked if there was a multiplier specific to her industry that could be used as an estimate and he immediately responded. My client was extremely happy and I know who I'll turn to when she does decide to sell her business. Thank you Kirk!