"It became clear to me that business success, as success in life, is all about steps and relationships. Networking has become the cornerstone of my business, and my life." Eric Shaw, CEO /Founder

Founder's Story

Eric Shaw has written two books: Championship Networking and The Game of Credit: Managing your A/R for Profit. I'm a State Court Appointed Receiver, a wrestling promoter (just like on TV), and I started three companies: New York Credit, Inc. (www.nycreditinc.com ) , All Cities Network (www.allcitiesnetwork.org ) and Wrestle Rock (www.wrestle-rock.com)

New York Credit was founded in 1979

We manage credit departments for companies. This includes reviewing credit applications with the intent to approve company's who request credit as well as making collection calls as needed. We also value AR portfolios , buy AR portfolios and liquidate AR portfolios. In addition we perform collateral audits for banks and lenders. I founded NEW YORK CREDIT, which has been helping middle-market companies improve cash flow since 1979.1'm an asset-based lender and credit analyst, and I discovered how to tap the cash in key areas of a business balance sheet, developing a simple plan to "unlock" those hidden sources of cash through sound credit management practices.

All Cities was founded in 1992

All Cities Network is a networking organization that has 23 groups that each meet monthly, The groups are broken down into 8 vertical categories from Newport Beach to San Francisco:

Business and Finance, Real Estate, Professional Resource, International, Technology, Healthcare , Cannabis and a women's business group.