Your Networking Personal Trainer

Consultations and Coaching

Whether you are a business professional who has difficulty working the room of a large-group mixer or a regular event attendee who has yet to be successful within this networking setting, THE ALL CITIES LIBRARY can be your solution.

Eric Shaw, known as Your Networking Personal TrainerTM, offers one-on-one and group consultation sessions for your employees and associates in the areas of finance and professional networking. He provides trade show networking preparation for all industries, including those outside of the ALL CITIES membership base.

Eric offers two, four, and eight-hour intensive one-on-one networking coaching exclusively for ALL CITIES members. Personal networking coaching includes material from Eric’s book, Championship Networking, along with specialized material developed for his national networking seminar.

Contact our office with your wants and needs. We will create a customized program for you or recommend one of our intensives. Franchising opportunities are available for ALL CITIES members.

Please contact Eric Shaw directly at

(310) 345-7912 for further information.

Teaching and Speaking Engagements

Have you ever wanted to share your message on a large scale, but either did not have the time to plan or the knowledge of how to do so?

THE ALL CITIES LIBRARY offers exclusive teaching and speaking opportunities to its clients.

If you are a member of the ALL CITIES BUSINESS & FINANCE GROUP (, or an entertainment industry executive, these services are available to you.

Every presentation will be customized to directly address the unique profile of each organization or group of individuals, including:

  • Corporations
  • Law Firms
  • Human Resource Associations
  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Professional Conventions
  • Investment Groups
  • Women’s Organizations
  • Boards of Directors
  • Other Professional Groups
  • Men’s Oganizations