Thank you, Marty and Marcum, for helping me handle the research & development study and calculation for research credits for what has turned into one of my largest clients. As you might expect, there was a time issue involved in that the statute of limitations for amending prior year’s tax returns was going to expire in 10 days. Marty, and the team at Marcum, got a complex job done in record time enabling my client to utilize over $500,000 in research & development credits that would otherwise have been lost.

Peter Stephan
Accountant , Accuvisors

I would like to thank Franklin Pelletier, an attorney concentrating in high value injury and damage cases, plaintiff's employment litigation, and mediating significant disputes. Franklin reached out to me to consult with a former officer of a tech startup. Thanks Franklin for thinking of me to consult with this potential client.

Howard Loeb
Attorney , Howard M. Loeb P.C.

I would like to thank Steve Lavaeddin, City National Bank, for contacting a former client who now lives overseas & needed to change banks here in the USA. My clients were extremely happy with Steve's response & how quickly he got everything going for them. Thank you Steve!

Grace Mitnick

I would like to thank Greg Offsay, Illi Commercial Real Estate, for getting me referral for Commerical Real Estate Appraiser for close friend. Greg was very quick in getting back to me. Thank you Greg!!!

Grace Mitnick

I'd like to thank Ramon Grijalva with Venture Advisors. A new client who came on board subsequent to the sale of his business is now having an issue with the buyer. Ramon took some time out of his day to pass along his thoughts on the matter. Thank you Ramon!


My thanks to Jeff Rollert for referring a client that needs purchase order financing. The company has a proven product and a large order, but insufficient capital to finance the initial order. We are well on the way to getting them the financing they need. From one Jeff to another, thanks very much for the introduction.

Jeff Cristol

I'd like to thank Alexis James, Labor Law attorney with Wise Law, for calling me regarding a question a client had if overtime pay was needed for a salaried employee. She called me immediately after the questions was emailed out to the network. Thank you Alexis!


I would like to thank Andrey Yakunichev, Tax Advisor with Taurus Tek, Inc., for referring me one of his close friends who is looking for an SBA or traditional business acquisition loan to purchase an existing Pharmacy. THANK YOU Andrey for thinking of me!

Steve Lavaeddin
Bankers , City National Bank

I would like to thank Grace Mitnick of Compass Real Estate for always thinking of me for her clients' and friends' banking needs. Grace recently referred me a former colleague of hers who recently moved to England and is looking for a banking relationship in the U.S. that will make transferring between US and UK simple. We have the perfect International Banking solution and are working with them remotely to get their accounts set up. THANK YOU Grace!

Steve Lavaeddin
Bankers , City National Bank

Les provides that personal touch to his business and his clients and has the ability to offer many solutions to those who are in need of causality insurance and I know this as a fact, because I referred one of my reverse loan clients to him that needed homeowners insurance. He took the time and made the effort to meet with her in her home and I think due to this effort to meet her personally, it set him apart from competitors and she purchased her policy through him. And the bonus for Les, is that my client's sister also purchased insurance with him as well.

Lorraine Jones Jones
Lenders , Option Funding, Inc.