I would like to thank Alexis James of Workwise Law for providing an excellent, and detailed response to a small business Owner in Torrance that needed some guidance in growing her business with part-time employees that would be doing in home crafts and how she should compensate them, payroll questions, benefits and how to account for breaks and meals. Alexis was a wealth of knowledge and provided specifics to gain further knowledge on the subject for the Owner. Thank you Alexis!!

Jay McDowell
Consultants , Performance Strategies - MCG

I would like to thank Steve Barnett for referring me to a client he is working with. He has spent a lot of time developing trust with this client, and he trusted me with that relationship. The good news is that I'm quite sure that I can help this client reclaim dollars back from Uncle Sam, and that is thanks to Steve Barnett.

Chris Lake
CEO , JNC Lake Associates

I would like to thank Eric for his support, his help and his vision in creating the All Cities network. He has created a platform for us all to get to know one another, to become friends and to help each other expand our businesses. I especially want to thank him for helping me to get a recent referral. It wasn't even his client, but someone else's, but he still helped me make the connection. I'm quite sure I can help this client reclaim dollars back from Uncle Sam, and that is thanks to Eric and Steve Barnett.

Chris Lake
CEO , JNC Lake Associates

I would like to thank Howard Blum (B-L-U-M "Best Lawyer Uncovering Money") for referral to an attorney on the East Coast who has a client with significant claim against a business in California arising out of a failed asset purchase transaction. Howard diligently followed up with the referral source to make sure that the source connected with me.

Howard Loeb
Attorney , Howard M. Loeb P.C.

I want to thank Valerie Dufix, Commercial Loan Broker. She always makes fantastic connections and introductions. She sent over a contact of hers recently who needed a contract reviewed as part of an LLC they were forming. We were able to help them out and they were amazing to work with. Thanks Valerie!

Daniel Cooper
Attorney , TLD Law

Mark Robbins with Lending Resources Group located in N. California gave me a call and inquired whether or not I could possibly help with one of is "unique borrowers" who needed money from their home for the consideration of a purchase of a second property. It has been really so nice getting to know Mark and I sincerely appreciate his effort to contact me about his client. Thank you very much, Mark.

Lorraine Jones
Lenders , Option Funding, Inc.

All of my clients are referral based and Jim Lyon who is a portfolio Manager with UBS recently directed one of his clients to me who needed qualified information about whether or not using funds from a reverse loan would be a creative way to pay for an ADU on her property, rent it out and increase her monthly income. Thank you Jim for trusting me with your client, it is most appreciated.

Lorraine Jones
Lenders , Option Funding, Inc.

I would like to thank Doug for always thinking of me and sending referrals my way. He is great to work with, really understands the value of networking and provides a great product. If you need a consultant to help you with your integrated voice and data, he is a great person to talk to. He knows it inside out and has been doing it for many years.

Chris Lake Lake
CEO , JNC Lake Associates

I would like to thank Alexis James of Workwise Law for a great recommendation and introduction to one of her clients. It turns out that I can help them, and they are very excited about R&D credits and what they qualify for. This could not have happened without her enthusiastic recommendation of me, so Alexis, hats off to you for being a great AC networker as well as a terrific attorney.

Chris Lake
CEO , JNC Lake Associates

A few weeks ago I had sent out a request for help via "Needs and Deals". I had what I consider to be a very focused need: I was looking for an insurance professional with expertise in the autonomous vehicle industry. Alan does not operate directly in that space. But he took the initiative to reach out to a wholesaler who was able to help me. Not only was Alan responsive, he reached out to his own extended network to help me. Go Alan! Thanks!

Ramon Grijalva
Business Broker , Venture Investors Business Group