Here's a big THANK YOU to Sam Eaton from Mindability for taking the time to help me understand this new thing called Clubhouse. What was a total mystery to me before our call became clear as day by the time she was done. Thanks to Sam, I have a new way to expand my reach, and make more connections and better ones with my target prospects. It's amazing how simple things can be if you have the right person explaining it to you! And Sam is that person. Thanks Sam!

Brian Link Link
Consultants , InSource Sales Development

I'd like to thank Attorney Bill Bresee of Leech Tishman for the time he has invested in helping me formulate a new idea we are working on. He has given me invaluable input and draws on his extensive international experience. Thank you Bill!

Sam Eaton Eaton
Business & Finance , Mindability Consultancy Limited

Sarah Eley was so kind and attentive to our call. She helped me figure out a solution to transitioning to referral status in real estate and we looked over my website and social media platform as a solution. We then discussed how she can help our start up company with our website design. So she is extremely resourceful and professional.

Antonia Lavender
Real Estate , Vista Sotheby's International Real Estate

Rhonda Sher is a Linked In business expert and the most knowlegable person on Linked In that I have encountered. After her assessment I felt educated, inspired, and motivated. Immediately, I wanted to re-vamp my Linked-In profile, start posting posting and networking immediately, as well as find a way to get her into our team meetings. Her knowlege is timely and practical.

Erika Laraon
Human Resources , Insperity

I would like to thank Robert Chesney of VideoCC for referring a lead that is a good fit for Insperity/ Human Resources. Robert immediately understood the subleties of what I do and what type of client might benefit from my services. I'm looking forward to providing a demo for this prospect next week.

Human Resources , Insperity

I have a possible house purchase in the works for a client in the $3 to $4 million range. I needed to understand non conventional financing options. I thought of Craig Adam's of W Realty and texted him. Within minutes he called and shared his knowledge. He also directed me to resources I could consult to find a viable solution. Thanks Craig ...

Insurance , Moneterra Inc.

Thanks, Sam Eaton of MindAbility Business Coaching, for thinking of the legal support we can provide for one of your UK clients who is bridging the pond and establishing a presence in the US. I appreciate the trust you have in my capabilities to support your client; that trust is very much appreciated!

William Bresee
Attorney , Leech Tishman Fuscaldo & Lampl

Thank you, Edward Levin, for entrusting me with corporate structure and governance support for your new business enterprise, Levin Insurance Agency d/b/a Eddie Insurance. I see a bright future for you!

William Bresee
Attorney , Leech Tishman Fuscaldo & Lampl

Jeff Rollert is a wealth of information. He goes out of his way to help members of All Cities Network to improve their presentation and provide guidance. As a speaker for All Cities Network, Jeff reached out to help me see many of the areas of my presentation that could be improved. He is always looking for ways to add value to the people he connects with and without a doubt is someone I can recommend for his coaching, consulting and more.

Rhonda Sher
Marketing , Unleashing LinkedIn

Alan Frankel of The Leavit group, I really appreciate your knowledge in the commercial insurance space. I've working with many insurance agents throughout the years but have not found anyone as kind or caring as you are. I was able to refer a small business to you that was outside of your daily expertise, and the way you handled it, made me look great. The client was really happy with the information and guidance that you were able to provide. The insurance space needs more professionals like yourself.

Edward Levin Levin
Insurance , Goosehead Insurance DBA Eddie Insurance