Bob has done an outstanding job creating a series of marketing videos for a client of mine which are being used to on their website, social media, and during Trade Shows. His ability to quickly capture video clips and to assemble them into impactful video clips is amazing. Highly recommended!

Patrick McClure
Consultants , Connexia Group

Jason represented me in a personal injury matter and achieved a grand slam settlement and substantial reductions of my medical bills following the achievement of a tremendous third-party pre-litigation settlement. I would highly recommend the Law Offices of Jason Gorowitz to anyone requiring competent representation in a personal injury matter.

Michael Goldman
Consultants , MIG Consulting

I would like to thank Larry Christian for extensive work to review my clients’ family portfolio’s vesting on multiple properties. He got them done ASAP and the information was most helpful to my clients, and they helped me as their commercial RE agent. Cant recommend Larry any more highly than he is TOPs in his field!!!

Susan Porter Griego
Real Estate , Realuxe Real Estate Group | InFocusPlus

I would like to thank assessment / reassessment consultant Kent Meyer for visiting my San Francisco real estate office and sharing some key thoughts on how to potentially, and legally, save our clients a lot on their property tax. Every property is unique. We always look for ways to position our clients in the most favorable light possible at W Real Estate. Thank you, Kent! Craig https://www.linkedin.com/posts/craigstuartadams_craigstuartadams-bayarearealestate-sanfranciscobayarea-activity-6965778133413232640-ewUk?utm_source=linkedin_share&utm_medium=member_desktop_web

Craig Adams
Broker , W Real Estate ~ San Francisco

Peter Stephan referred me to a client of his for a valuation and potential sale of his business. At our first meeting it became clear just how much of a trusted advisor Peter was for them. He has his clients best interests in mind and is creative in his approach. Unlike other CPA's I've worked with, Peter is an out-of-the-box thinker that comes up with a spectrum of solutions to meet his clients needs. Working with a professional like Peter makes my job so much easier. His quick grasp of financial information coupled with real world experience is priceless and I'm grateful that he thought of me to help his long term friend and client.

Steven Barnett
Business Broker , The Valley Business Broker

Thanks for thinking of me Craig and getting me a great speaking engagement with your group. I appreciate you always thinking of me and all of our fantastic conversations.

Melvin Termain

I know I haven't been to meetings in a while, but that is because All Cities has helped me generate more referrals than there are hours in the day. My practice has flourished and grown in size and sophistication astronomically in the past 4 years. Within my firm, I have the reputation as the guy who never runs out of case opportunities. A great deal of this comes from relationships cultivated here at All Cities. Jay McDowell has become an amazing referral partner and I am honored to have him on my list of 5-star professionals. Chris Lake has taught me and my clients a great deal about R and D Credits and Employee Retention Tax Credits. Mike Monteleone helped me win the bare-knuckle brawl for my home. Howard Loeb helped connect my clients to Business Attorneys for entities established in Puerto Rico. Networking has become my favorite part of my business and no one teaches it like Eric Shaw. No organization cultivates a culture better suited to champion-level networking than All Cities.

Ethan Samuels
Wealth Management , 4358 Camino De La Rosa

There's so much to say about Valerie Dufix of Diamant Carre Capital Group. She is a true professional and a very knowledgeable business loan broker. But she doesn't stop there. She takes a holistic approach to consulting her clients and uncovers other needs such as residential mortgage lending needs. I greatly appreciate Valerie always thinking of me when she identifies a mortgage need and we work seemingly together to help her clients through the "fun" process, all the way to a successful closing! Thank you, Valerie!!

Steve Lavaeddin
Bankers , City National Bank

I would like to thank Matt Cohen of AccuVisors CPA's and Tax Resolution Institute for thinking of me when a business client of his was in search of a more responsive bank that can be more of a trusted advisor and consultant. Matt has been in constant contact with me and is helping his clients through the process and his attention to detail and follow up has been top-notch! Thank you Matt!

Steve Lavaeddin
Bankers , City National Bank

I'd like to give a shout-out to our illustrious leader, Eric Shaw of NY Credit / All Cities Network. He thought of me when one of his business clients was experiencing exponential growth and could not get the financing they needed from their existing bank/lender. We were able to quickly get them approved for a $250,000 Evergreen LOC to help with gaps in A/R and A/P. Eric and NY Credit manage and audit A/R among other credit related consulting. Banks leverage his expertise to watch the collateral that they lend on. Thank you Eric!

Steve Lavaeddin
Bankers , City National Bank