I want to thank Bob for creating an outstanding Digital Business Card and Digital Testimonials in the form of a QR Code. Tech and Art coming together from the Picasso of Video Introductions. Hire Bob for the legacy of your lifetime. Thank you Bob. Sid Jain

Sid  Jain
Commercial Real Estate , MoneyMallUSA Corporation

Bob has helped me create videos that show how valuable my clients are to our business. The videos enabled me to connect and create a higher level or value with my clients. Thanks Bob your amazing. Frank Garcia LUTCF, CSA

Frank J Garcia LUTCF, CSA J Garcia LUTCF, CSA
Financial Services , InsuranceKO

I want to thank Sid Jain for educating me on some nuances to be considered in his DST (Deleware Statutory Trust) offerings. A greater understanding gives me another avenue to approach my clients' needs from their perspective. Thank you, Sid.

Craig  Stuart Adams
Broker , W Real Estate ~ San Francisco

Julie recently referred one of her clients to me for the possibility of using a reverse loan for additional funds and to eliminate an ongoing mortgage payment.on her client's home in Rancho Mirage. I provided a proposal for her client, however at the time she had her home Listed for sale and was undecided as to what she would chose to do. Ultimately, she sold her home, however I greatly appreciate Julie and the trust she has in my professionalism to assisting her clients when a reverse loan could be a beneficial solution to a financial problem. Thank you Julie for your referral

Lorraine Jones
Lenders , Option Funding, Inc.

Ethan Samuels of Pacific Advisors has gone above and beyond the call of duty in helping us reach out to an insurance company's customer service department to acquire needed information regarding an insurance policy that we have had in place for many years. Ethan is great in cutting through the red tape, particularly since it appears that the carrier in question has a nonuser friendly system. Of even more importance, Ethan has spotted issues that we will need to consider.

Howard Loeb
Attorney , Howard M. Loeb P.C.

Many thanks to Bob Chesney, of Chesney Communications, for his skill in creating video testimonials for me which I now have posted on my website (with more to come!). Bob is such a pleasure to work with. He puts the interviewee at ease as he mastaerfully asks the questions which create the conversation that he later edits down to a very palatable 30-45 second video. I hope that everyone in All Cities takes advantage of Bob's services!

Anita Rodal
International , SBPI Services, Inc.

I would like to give a HUGE shout out to Marc Gertz, reverse loan consultant with Reverse Your Thinking Mortgage. Marc reached out to me when one of his elderly clients seeking a reverse loan found themselves with a HELOC on their primary residence they were not expecting. March and I partnered to brain storm some possible solutions, including a possible refinance of a NNN commercial property in Kentucky. Ultimately, I was able to suggest the possible transferring of the HELOC to their second home, occupied by their daughter. Thanks to Marc who scheduled and facilitated the meeting with his clients in Beverly Hills and we are off and running on the HELOC application. Marc is a true professional who genuinely cares and advocates for his clients. I would not hesitate to recommend Marc for a reverse mortgage, or to a divorcing couple seeking to split residential assets (Marc is also a Certified Divorce Lending Professional.) If my parents needed a reverse loan, Marc would be high on my list of professionals they should speak with.

Steve Lavaeddin
Bankers , City National Bank

I would like to thank Joe Engle of Law Offices of Joe Engle. Joe is an estate planning attorney. Joe specializes in providing his clients a broad base of education and simplifying the estate planning process. I would like to thank Joe, for allowing me to review his Professional Liability, errors and omissions, Insurance.

Les Himes
Insurance , Phillipp & Associates Insurance Services, Inc.

A very special thank you to Larry Christian & Gary Bregman of Old Republic Title Company. They provide state of the art technology and lead farming on their website, have over 30 years of experience in handling any title issue that can come up in a real estate transaction, and are absolutely the nicest people that I've ever worked with. Throw in their escrow department helping get loan docs signed in Argentina on a recent transaction we closed with ORTC and they are truly a world-class act!! Rock on Larry & Gary!

Mike Micci
Banking & Finance , Redwood Mortgage

I would like to thank Greg Offsay from Illi Commercial Real Estate for referring a client for a commercial building purchase loan. Greg's expertise and attention to detail for the loan request made it easy to determine if Redwood Mortgage was the right fit for his clients needs. I ended up referring him to another lender that specializes in more permanent financing which his borrower was looking for, but his professionalism was great and I look forward to doing business together in the future!

Mike Micci
Banking & Finance , Redwood Mortgage