My thanks to Alan Frankel at the Leavitt Group for his quick response to my client's business insurance needs. They are a start-up company and in need of various types of insurance. Alan was thorough and patient with them, helping walk them through the process and keeping me informed, too. Truly appreciate your help.

Jeff Cristol
Banking & Finance , Fit Right Financial, LLC

Thank you Tina Kaufman at Insperity for your comprehensive HR and benefit guidance with my client. As a start-up business, they did not know what they did not know. Walking them through the basic needs and legal requirements as they begin hiring new people will help them be competitive and successful.

Jeff Cristol
Banking & Finance , Fit Right Financial, LLC

Jay McDowell, MBA, President of Performance Strategies and Host of All Cities Network Santa Ana, referred my online marketing company to the owner of a spa with two locations in the South Bay. Jay McDowell helps business owners increase revenue and profit, manage costs, and build high performing teams. The spa owner is experiencing a decline in sales because of increased competition. Jay prepared the spa owner for my call and positioned my company in a favorable light, so much so that she is open to my suggestions and advice. The spa owner and I will be working together within her budget to design marketing and sales campaigns to increase business. Thank you very much, Jay, for putting in the extra effort on my behalf. You are a class act!

Nelinia Varenas Varenas
Web Development , Breakthrough SEO Marketing

I'd like to extend my gratitude to Jeff for introducing me to one of his clients who is looking for an experienced CPA for their accounting needs. Jeff was very thorough throughout the due diligence process and made sure that all parties were on the same page. He was very patient with his client and always tried to meet or excel their expectations. I really appreciate the opportunity to work with him.

Accountant , Fineman West & Company LLP

Thank you Craig for inviting Russell Jackman to our last San Francisco meeting. He put me in touch with two of my best referral sources right after the meeting. I appreciate the new connections.

Taura Golafshan

Thank you, Jeff Cristol for referring one of your clients to us. Jeff is great at connecting people and is always looking out for his clients.

Arti Dutt Dutt
Tech , TeamLogic IT

Thank you Eugene Kim of Nano Law Group for referring me to your start-up client.Clearly they value your input and assistance to get them this far as they try to get off the ground. Helping them with a business plan and projections has been a fun project.

Jeff Cristol
Banking & Finance , Fit Right Financial, LLC

Thank you to Alan Insul for taking the time to assist me in preparing a Stock Purchase Agreement for my client. Alan is a specialist in doing corporate deals, and he enabled me to select from options I had not considered, and thereby provide the best service to my client.

Jon Morse
Attorney , The Morse Law Group

Thank you to Steven Fenster for assisting me with a real estate question. Steve is an experienced real estate attorney and his advice enabled me to answer a client's question without having to do hours of research.

Attorney , The Morse Law Group

I would like to thank Jeff Cristol of Fit Right Financial for referring a a potential client to me, whose company does business all over the world. Helping our clients navigate the challenges of working in multiple currencies is one of our many specialties.

Anita Rodal
International , Associated Foreign Exchange (AFEX)