My thanks to Jeff Rollert for referring a client that needs purchase order financing. The company has a proven product and a large order, but insufficient capital to finance the initial order. We are well on the way to getting them the financing they need. From one Jeff to another, thanks very much for the introduction.

Jeff Cristol
Banking & Finance , Fit Right Financial, LLC

I'd like to thank Alexis James, Labor Law attorney with Wise Law, for calling me regarding a question a client had if overtime pay was needed for a salaried employee. She called me immediately after the questions was emailed out to the network. Thank you Alexis!


I would like to thank Andrey Yakunichev, Tax Advisor with Taurus Tek, Inc., for referring me one of his close friends who is looking for an SBA or traditional business acquisition loan to purchase an existing Pharmacy. THANK YOU Andrey for thinking of me!

Steve Lavaeddin
Bankers , City National Bank

I would like to thank Grace Mitnick of Compass Real Estate for always thinking of me for her clients' and friends' banking needs. Grace recently referred me a former colleague of hers who recently moved to England and is looking for a banking relationship in the U.S. that will make transferring between US and UK simple. We have the perfect International Banking solution and are working with them remotely to get their accounts set up. THANK YOU Grace!

Steve Lavaeddin
Bankers , City National Bank

Les provides that personal touch to his business and his clients and has the ability to offer many solutions to those who are in need of causality insurance and I know this as a fact, because I referred one of my reverse loan clients to him that needed homeowners insurance. He took the time and made the effort to meet with her in her home and I think due to this effort to meet her personally, it set him apart from competitors and she purchased her policy through him. And the bonus for Les, is that my client's sister also purchased insurance with him as well.

Lorraine Jones Jones
Lenders , Option Funding, Inc.

A Thank You to Lorraine Jones, Reverse Loans Consultant. She referred me to one of her clients which led to the writing of a Homeowners and Personal Auto policy. Thanks, Lorraine!

Les Himes
Insurance , Phillipp & Associates Insurance Services, Inc.

I cannot say enough positive things about Mike Monteleone with RE/MAX Olson, and his commitment to professionalism and patience with one of my reverse loan clients who I referred him to help her List and sell her home in Redondo Beach, and then purchase a new property where I would represent her in the transaction, using funds from a reverse loan. She did make things a bit difficult for each of us and moving things forward to a successful close, but Mike was extraordinarily patient with her and helped her in so many ways that would take too long to describe here. He is amazing and I cannot ever recall working with a Realtor of his caliber and expertise. He's experienced, kind and knows how to navigate purchase transactions and is always available to help with the loan process and in conclusion, we closed and funded my new purchase after some "drama" and she is very happy.

Lorraine Jones
Lenders , Option Funding, Inc.

I thank Steve Fenster for his quick and effective handling of a client I referred to him. Client was making a private loan and needed documentation and security. Steve provided that and supervised the escrow. Good job, Steve!

Lawrence Noble
Attorney , Lawrence C. Noble, Esq.

I want to say Thank You to Ken Polowitz for referring me a large Commercial Buyer. I am grateful that Ken has a sense of confidence in me and trusted me as a referral to a client he has been working with for over 25 years. He gave us a formal face-to-face introduction and made a point to be there for it. He went out of his way to give his support and that has made a positive impact on my business. Ken also serves as an ongoing source of information regarding Cost Segregation and the cutting edge resources within that industry. He has been able to share his knowledge of new Tax Advantages, Legal Updates and Strategies for Commercial Investors to source money from within and use what they already have as leverage. There are not so many professionals who are going the lengths that Ken is, to keep evolving and learning about their industry. I will continue to lean on Ken for his guidance in Commercial Real Estate. Thank you Ken for your support.

Taura Golafshan

Special thank you to Jeff Lerman for not only being our San Francisco Moderator, but for always following up and providing support. I asked for legal guidance on how to approach a large Hotel deal in San Francisco and Jeff offered to review the contracts right away. He advised that it was better to put in place the right documents before proceeding and that the current contracts were not secure. He gave us options and a sense of security which made a huge difference for my team and my client. Thank you Jeff.

Taura Golafshan