I wanted to thank Jason Gorowitz, our personal injury attorney. Jason is beyond knowledgably in his field and specializing in insurance claims. Jason is able to help people navigate the challenges of the insurance oceans. Don't go through an accident case on your own, you need to talk to Jason. Also wanted to thank Jason for referring his father in-law for their insurance needs. We are in the process of transitioning him to better coverage.

Edward Levin
Insurance , Goosehead Insurance DBA Eddie Insurance

Wanted to thank Mike Micci with Redwood Mortgage. Mike has been using me as his preferred insurance broker for several months now with his clients. I'm ever so grateful to be working with a true professional as you, all of your clients rave about you. Mike has also recently trusted me with his own insurance needs, and is now a client. Thank you so much for your business and all of the referrals.

Edward Levin
Insurance , Goosehead Insurance DBA Eddie Insurance

Larry Christian from Old Republic Title helped me recently with a family deed matter and I truly appreciate his quick response, his knowledge and expertise and solid guidance provided me. If you do not know Larry, you need to reach out to him. He is an amazing resource in all things related to real estate transactions and titles. Thank you Larry!!!

Carrie Hidding
Accountant , teamCFO

I want to thank Sarah Eley for her time with one of my clients the other day. Her expertise, professionalism and support will prove to be invaluable in bringing something unique and disruptive to market. Thank you Sarah and looking forward to continuing to work with you on this client and, hopefully many more!

Sam Eaton
Consultants , Mindability Consultancy Limited

I want to thank Julie Widener, who is a CPA with the Allegent Group for trusting me with her insurance needs. After spending some time together to review her current policies and insurance needs, there were a few gaps. I made some recommends, and was able to find better insurance policies with more coverage. Excited to be able to help you.

Edward Levin
Insurance , Goosehead Insurance DBA Eddie Insurance

I'm looking around for a residential loan and it has been a while since i had to deal with banks. Mark Materie was super helpful explaining to me what is currently going on in the lending industry and what to do and where to go to get the best deal. He was extremely professional and provided amazing advice. Thank you Mark

Maksim Avrukin Avrukin
Tech, Data, Voice , Digital Uppercut

Many, many thanks go to out to Julie Widener, brilliant CPA with Allegent Group LLC CPAs and Advisors. Julie not only referred a number of her clients to me for PPP loans, but also spread the word in her office, so I received referrals from others as well. Thanks again Julie!

Anita Rodal
International , SBPI Services, Inc.

Ray spent a good deal of time with me in a spectacular presentation of the healthy ingredients for scaling a business. I found him to be a valuable resource for every type of organization. Planning is the recipe for success.

Antonia Lavender Lavender

I want to thank Shana Mark for connecting me with a strong lead and interesting company that helps children educational therapy. Shana was quick to understand Insperity's unique place in the HR world. She is also extremely articulate in explaining her product, which I would like to call 'quality of life' insurance, and protection of financial assets. With some of these nuances, it can be easier to understand than communicate and Shana is fantastic at both.


Thank you to Sarah Eley at Agileient. Sarah has spoken briefly about the need to get all of our website ADA compliant and what was at risk if you are to get audited by the State of California and not in compliance. Last Thursday morning early, I sent her the request to have her Team look at my www.ExitPlanOC.com website, providing the necessary credentials to access. By three o'clock, they were done and the site was in compliance. Thanks Sarah for doing you best to keep all the All-Cities Membership in compliance.

Jay McDowell
Consultants , Performance Strategies - MCG