Thank you Tam for referring your client to me for their insurance needs. It was a unique situation where the client was purchasing a new rental property and because they were going to do some cosmetic remodeling, the lender was requiring a vacancy clause on the insurance policy. I appreciate you thinking of me, and trusting me to deliver the right results for your client.

Edward Levin
Insurance , Goosehead Insurance DBA Eddie Insurance

Recently I received a phone call from a possible new client who was referred to me by Norm Blieden, who is a CPA. I really appreciate his referral to me and trusting me with providing reverse loan information to his clients.

Lorraine Jones
Lenders , Option Funding, Inc.

I called Larry for help on understanding more about title insurance . He was incredibly helpful, gave freely of his time to give me direction and answer me questions. For anyone attending meetings, you know that Larry is generally thanked be members in every meeting with the highest of accolades. He is truly amazing at what he does.

Chris Lake

Craig was a huge help to me in locating a property across the country! This is not something that he got a personal gain from - it was strictly a help flow to me. He followed up and checked on how things were going periodically with and really demonstrated care and interest in how it was going. A truly amazing asset and friend. Thanks Craig! Can't speak highly enough of him.

Christine Lake

Sending my thanks to Marc Gertz, reverse mortgage specialist with Reverse Your Thinking Mortgage, for referring his wife who needed advice on currency exchange for an upcoming business trip to Europe. She in turn, offered to tell her company about me, as they often find themselves working in foreign countries on projects. Thanks again Marc!

Anita Rodal
International , SBPI Services, Inc.

Thanks Eric for starting this phenomenal network. I've found a home away from home and enjoy interacting with professionals from various fields. It's also good to get feedback from other experts on our expertise.

Sid  Jain Jain
Commercial Real Estate , MoneyMallUSA Corporation

Patrick McClure's extensive experience, insights, and intuition in the sales training and coaching arena are game-changers to any business seeking to level up its sales team and its sales processes. He begins with a gap analysis that shines a light on sales priorities and action steps with immediate ROI. Moreover, Patrick is a high-caliber professional who truly has his client's interests at heart. In one highly engaging session, he helped my business partner and me better define our value proposition and how we could translate it into a powerful sales conversation with prospective clients. It was time well spent. Thank you, Patrick, for your consummate sales expertise and your uncompromising dedication to adding value.

Nelinia Varenas

I owe a massive debt of gratitude to Jay McDowell, owner of Performance Strategies, INC. and business optometrist par excellence. Jay not only connected me with an amazing prospect and a source of additional amazing prospects, but offered to be one of my professional references when courting the business of this same prospect. The client is using my services to mitigate the capital gains tax liability of a partial equity sale of his family business, and to provide estate planning services for the father and son who own and run this business together. In the course of courting and earning their trust, Jay wrote HANDS DOWN the BEST professional testimonial I have ever received for any job I have ever had. Jay goes above and beyond for his clients and for us. Thank you, Jay!!!

Ethan Samuels
Wealth Management , US Vet Life

I owe a debt of gratitude to Jay McDowell, Certified Coach, MBA with Performance Strategies, INC. of Coto de Caza, California for a truly appropriate referral that is a perfect fit for our company, GoMarketing Inc. Jay spent time on the phone with me to better understand our business and what industries we best serve as a Digital Marketing and Online Advertising agency. Within no time, Jay got back to me with a professional introduction to a perfect prospect for GoMarketing that has now become a great client for us. This new client is also a client of Jay's Performance Strategies Management Consulting Group. The client spoke very enthusiastically on how Jay McDowell's executive coaching has improved our new client's skills and helped to grow his business significantly, and still does. Jay McDowell truly has the experience and training need to be a very impactful coach for his clients. The fact that he has run businesses and grown them dramatically, and does the same for his clients proves that he is the consummate professional business coach. Thank you, Jay! Rich Uzelac

Richard Uzelac
Marketing , GoMarketing

I wish to express my appreciation to Alan's thoughtful referral of a new reverse loan client to me. Referrals are my "life blood", and my best source of business. "Thank you" Alan for trusting me with your friend.

Lorraine Jones
Lenders , Option Funding, Inc.