Many thanks to Lorraine Jones with Option Funding, Inc. Lorraine is a reverse mortgage specialist and all-around wonderful person. She referred someone to me who needed help with her PPP loan. I am honored to be the person she thought of.

Anita Rodal
International , AFEX/Corpay & SBPI Services, Inc./Pronunciation Coaching

I would like to than Howard Blum for referring two possible debtor clients to me. Howard is a lawyer specializing in commercial debt collections. He normally works to collect debts on behalf of commercial creditors. However, in these two cases he is representing individuals who have judgments against them. Howard has asked me to determine if there is a bankruptcy solution available for them.

Richard A. Brownstein
Attorney , Haberbush, LLP

I'd like to thank Alan Frankel of the Leavitt Group for his patience and follow up in working on some insurance quotes. He is diligent and thorough.

Antonia Lavender

I would like to thank Danny Cooper of TLD Law for the introduction to Michael Robinson of Blueprint Insurance. Danny and I have had a couple of one-to-one's recently and as a result, have a better understanding of how we can help refer work to one another. Thank you Danny.

Sam Eaton
Consultants , Mindability Consultancy Limited

I would like to thank Mr. Jay McDowell of Performance Strategies Inc for putting me in touch with two awesome business owners whose assets I've been able to protect and whose growth I'm able to help secure. Jay is the consummate business optometrist, brilliant and exacting in his analysis with a bedside manner to match. His clients have expressed nothing but satisfaction with their relationships with him. Indeed, my relationships with my other existing clients have improved since I began taking pages out of Jay's book. He's a great moderator and a credit to the professionalism endemic to All Cities Network.

Ethan Samuels
Wealth Management , US Vet Life

I would like Michael Lipton of TPX Communications. Michael recently allowed me to do a complete review of his personal insurances. After review, we were able to rewrite his insurances with an increase in coverage and decrease in premium. Always a good outcome! Thank you, Michael.

Les Himes
Insurance , Phillipp & Associates Insurance Services, Inc.

I would like to send a thank you to Ray Adler of BTI Growth Advisors. He recently allowed me to rewrite his personal lines insurances. Additionally, we are undergoing a review of business insurance needs. Ray, thanks very much.

Les Himes
Insurance , Phillipp & Associates Insurance Services, Inc.

I'd like to thank Attorney Bill Bresee of Leech Tishman for the time he has invested in helping me formulate a new idea we are working on. He has given me invaluable input and draws on his extensive international experience. Thank you Bill!

Sam Eaton Eaton
Consultants , Mindability Consultancy Limited

Rhonda Sher is a Linked In business expert and the most knowlegable person on Linked In that I have encountered. After her assessment I felt educated, inspired, and motivated. Immediately, I wanted to re-vamp my Linked-In profile, start posting posting and networking immediately, as well as find a way to get her into our team meetings. Her knowlege is timely and practical.

Erika Laraon
Human Resources , Insperity

I would like to thank Robert Chesney of VideoCC for referring a lead that is a good fit for Insperity/ Human Resources. Robert immediately understood the subleties of what I do and what type of client might benefit from my services. I'm looking forward to providing a demo for this prospect next week.

Human Resources , Insperity