Big THANK YOU to Lorraine Jones of Option Funding, specializing in Reverse Mortgages. She thought of me for one of her client's grandson's business banking needs and we were able to assist in opening a US Bank account for his Canadian construction company. Lorraine is extremely knowledgeable on Reverse Mortgages so when you have an older family member or friend needs some financial help, think of Lorraine and ask her advice to see if a Reverse Mortgage might be a good solution.

Steve Lavaeddin
Bankers , City National Bank

I'd like to thank Sevana Janian with Green Plus CPA for referring me a client who needs some advice on, and help with, various Online Marketing Services. It's been great working with her client. It looks like we are becoming great friends and I appreciate her thinking of me for Marketing Services. Thanks Sevana....Yay! :)

Melvin Termain

I referred a colleague to Anita. The colleague was so grateful that she emailed the following praises to me. "Thanks for the referral to Anita. We had a great conversation today. She is very informative about purchasing property in Europe and gave me a lot of information. I really appreciate your introducing me to her." It's great to work with such a high level professional as Anita!

Julie Widener
Accountant , Allegent Group, LLP

Stephen very kindly thought of me when an acquaintance of his mentioned they wanted to purchase a home using the funds from a reverse loan. I had only recently mentioned in one of our morning meetings, that seniors can buy a home and use a reverse loan to complete the transaction. I want to thank Stephen for the introduction to his friends, as referrals are my only source of business.

Lorraine Jones
Lenders , Option Funding, Inc.

Thank you to Stephen Fenster of Schwartz-Fenster for helping me with a contract for a warehouse line of credit to make sure I was legally protected and that there were no clauses that could have caught me in a bad position. Thank you Stephen!

Mike Micci
Banking & Finance , Redwood Mortgage

I'd like to thank Stacy Benda for reaching out to one of my loan clients for help with their business accounting and tax services. Stacy is a true professional and has spectacular customer service. She's the best!

Mike Micci
Banking & Finance , Redwood Mortgage

I would like to thank Chris Lake of R & D Tax Credits Consulting for helping a developer client in Orange County to help them tax advantage of the Tax Credits available to developers that specialize in Low Income Housing. Thank you Chris!

Mike Micci
Banking & Finance , Redwood Mortgage

I would like to thank Mike Monteleone of ReMax One for the referral of a bridge loan opportunity on a 16-Unit Multifamily loan in Studio City. Mike is at the top of his game as a Real Estate professional in the Los Angeles area for both commercial & residential properties and is a fantastic persona and a great resource. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to work with Mike and his clients. Sincerely, Mike Micci

Mike Micci
Banking & Finance , Redwood Mortgage

I would like to thank Melvin for spending time with me in mapping out a digital marketing strategy for my Panama project. Melvin was generous with his time and willingness to share information, and he was enthusiastic about what we were shooting for. I look forward to our growing relationship. Thank you, Melvin. Craig Adams W Real Estate ~ San Francisco

Craig Adams
Broker , W Real Estate ~ San Francisco

If anyone is seeking for an Executive Coach or Exit Strategist Advisor, then Jay McDowell is the professional you need to call. I have been working with Jay since October, 2021.Jay is the "Real Deal" and pushes you "gently" in a way to grow and learn with scenarios faced as a business owner. He is the support and reflection a business owner/CEO needs to make you better above the horizon in these situations. Jay is so committed to his clients that he will jump in where he sees a need or shortage to make sure deadlines and goals are delivered. His level of experience continues to groom me into the CEO I need to become for my team, firm, and community as a business owner - like polishing the diamond from the rough stone into a perfected jewel. So, thank you, Jay for your continuous time and for being an incredible coach for me and believing in the vision and mission I seek for the firm. I could not do this without you being my coach!

Stacy Benda