Thank you to Gary Minkin for the referral of a potential client with a commercial real estate and business transaction.

Alan Insul Insul
Attorney , Law Office of Alan M. Insul

I want to thank Jay for his dedication for referrals and to extend his influence of his clients and anyone who needs that help. He is an amazing guy to help anyone who wants to start his exit journey and to anyone who needs help with his business. I thank him for refer us two of his clients. I am lucky and honored to know Jay.

Hezi Korn
Consultants , Future State Engineering

I want to thanks Chris for being Chris. Every time I go to to a new prospect or opportunity, I have the confidence I have someone who can bring value to that company, regardless of my company doing business with them or not. We can raise our value by bringing Chris into the mix and her demeanor is remarkable and pleasant. I do recommend to every and each one of you out there, to spend time with her and utilize her and her services to your business or your clients, they will be forever grateful. Thank you Chris.

Hezi Korn
Consultants , Future State Engineering

I want to thank Larry & Gary at Old Republic Title for the excellent and most professional service they have provided regarding 2 properties I have listed for sale. We are closing escrow on one property in Tarzana which they have provided a detailed Property Profile and Title Insurance coverage. The team is extraordinary with Gary having years of experience as an Attorney for Old Republic who reviews the Title Report in advance to insure there will be no unusual issues on title that would delay or prevent a closing. Larry is a very smart guy and incredible technician. He provided me with all of the property details including, zoning , permits and sales comps all in lightning speed. They also have helped my gather much needed information about my new Office Building listing located in Los Feliz. They were able to help me determine the actual square footage of this building through a very extensive and detailed search of records and permits. In this highly active and competitive real estate market Time is Money and their expertise and service is much appreciated . Thank you Larry and Gary.

Mike Monteleone
Real Estate Broker , RE/MAX ONE

Many thanks to Eric Shaw of NY Credit for connecting me with a person who works in international business. I look forward to helping her with her currency exchange needs and being a resource with regard to global commerce.

Anita Rodal
International , Associated Foreign Exchange & SBPI Services, Inc.

I would like to thank Daniel Cooper for taking the time to work with me on an informative interview to share with clients regarding the importance of having a trust for their residences. He also took the time to help a client with a problem with his small HOA. Daniel is patient and helpful and is a wonderful resource regarding everything real estate law.

Antonia Lavender
Real Estate , Vista Sotheby's International Real Estate

I'd like to thank Lorraine Jones for thinking of me to help her client sell a property of hers in my geographical area. She is very resourceful in reverse mortgages and she was able to afford her client a lifestyle that she may never have been able to have had it not been for her reverse mortgage.

Antonia Lavender
Real Estate , Vista Sotheby's International Real Estate

I would like to thank Matt Cohen, with SST, CPA's for a referral of a group that is looking to purchase a restaurant business.


Thank you from the Larry/Gary team in the all cities group to Alan Altschul our resident reverse mortgage specialist. Alan is a pleasure to work with. He is a very concerned individual for his clientele and warns us with any concerns he is aware of since he was an attorney in his former life. Give him a call with your questions you might have on the reverse mortgages.

Larry  Christian
Consultants , Old Republic Title Company

Ethan has been a constant source of help and leads for me. But he also goes above and beyond. I was working with a client who had some reservations with moving forward. Ethan master minded a strategy of getting her a testimonial from a happy client and got that over to her. It tipped the scales. Thanks Ethan for your kindness, your care, and your infinite willingness to help, not to mention your penetrating intelligence and drive. Warm Regards, Chris

Chris Lake
CEO , JNC Lake Associates