I was referred a client for a reverse loan who I was unable to help, however I knew someone who could satisfy a unique mortgage situation and I had Joel handle this client's transaction. He did a superior job of setting up financing for this client to the client's complete satisfaction in a very short period of time. Thank you Joel for your professionalism and not having "step #3".

Lorraine Jones Jones
Lenders , Option Funding, Inc.

I would like to thank Valerie Dufix of Dufix Business Loans. Valerie provides conventional (and less than conventional) business loans to business owners and can do so quickly. Valerie referred a business owner to me that is looking an accountant to provide tax and accounting services as well as tax planning specific to his operation..

Matthew Cohen
Accountant , Accuvisors

I need to thank Kirk Marangi with Kirk Marangi Economic Valuations. My client was working on a personal financial statement for her financial advisor and asked what value she should put down for her business. I reached out to Kirk and asked if there was a multiplier specific to her industry that could be used as an estimate and he immediately responded. My client was extremely happy and I know who I'll turn to when she does decide to sell her business. Thank you Kirk!