I would like to thank Nelinia Varenas of Breakthrough Marketing for her outstanding work as a Linked-In consultant. I had had a profile for 10 years on Linked-In without really understanding how to make the best use of it. Nelinia has modernized my Linked-In presence and shown me how to get much more out of it. In ten years it had never led to any business. But since working with Nelinia recently, I have been retained twice in significant assignments through Linked-In. Thank you, Nelinia!

Kirk Marangi
Business Valuations , Kirk Marangi Economic Valuations

Thank you Ethan Samuels for assisting my clients along the road to tax free retirement. They were not aware of what was available and were concerned about what their options were. When we meet with the clients the trust is built in a short amount of time. Ethan is truly interested in making sure that each client has a plan that fits within their circumstances and wishes. The client realizes very quickly that we are not bringing products before them that are not in their best interest. I am learning so much from Ethan and my clients trust in the services that I offer has excelled. If you have not sat down and reviewed your retirement with Ethan you are selling yourself short. Do yourself a favor, take time from your busy schedule to review what you may have gotten years ago as many products have changed. No obligation just good information.

Denise Boroff

I want to thank Denise Boroff of Necie Business Solutions for referring me two of her clients. We are working together to provide wealth management solutions for these two great young men. One of these men owns and operates a series of preschools throughout Los Angeles. The other owns a 501(c)(3) that provides environmentally-friendly irrigation and landscaping solutions to urban areas in Los Angeles. Both of these men could not have been more complimentary of Denise as a devoted professional, an advocate, and the consummate "momma bear" for her clients. She is one of the most tenacious, industrious people I have ever met, devoted to providing competitively-priced benefits to her clients, and saving tens of thousands of dollars in tax credits for many of these same clients. If you own a business with greater than one employee, you owe it to yourself to spend 30 minutes with Denise.

Ethan Samuels
Wealth Management , 4358 Camino De La Rosa

I would like to thank Ethan Samuels of US Vet Wealth. Ethan specializes in out of the box financial , insurance and retirement solutions for veterans and others. Ethan referred a matter to me that involves allegations that former employees of one of Ethan's clients took customer lists and other confidential data of the customer for use in starting a competitive venture. I would also like to thank Howard Blum (Best Lawyer Uncovering Money) for suggesting to Ethan that he should reach out to me for this assignment.

Howard Loeb
Attorney , Howard M. Loeb P.C.

I would like to thank Alexis James of WorkWise Law. Alexis concentrates on employer defense and employer compliance matters for her management clients. Alexis brought me into a matter to assist one of her clients where the client alleged that its former employee had misappropriated trade secret and confidential information and data.

Howard Loeb
Attorney , Howard M. Loeb P.C.

I would like to thank Steve Fenster for his prompt attention to my request for a residential For Sale By Owner agreement. My request went in to him mid-morning and by mid-afternoon he provided a comprehensive purchase and sale agreement that covered all possible bases. Steve really is the "chinese laundry of the legal profession".

Alan Frankel

I have worked with hundreds of attorneys throughout my life and career as a CPA. When my wife and son were involved in a car accident, I called Jason Gorowitz and he immediately went to work for us. From day one, Jason took care of everything so that my wife and son could concentrate on their medical treatment and getting better while he battled against the insurance companies. In the end, I was extremely pleased with the results that Jason achieved. He did not stop until every potential dollar for our case had been recovered. Moreover, he handled our case with class and continually kept us updated. I highly recommend Jason Gorowitz. He is an excellent attorney that excels in the legal specialty of personal injury law.

Peter Stephan
Accountant , Accuvisors

I'd love to thank Bill for inviting me to Think Asia Think HongKong event took place at JW Marriott in DTLA on September 20th. It was an international promotion organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council to highlight Hong Kong's pivotal role in connecting Asia's markets to the rest of the world. The event provided opportunities to US professionals like myself who are already working with clients doing business in HK and the US, to learn more about the market and future trends. Thank you Bill.

Jia Zhou Zhou

I would like to thank Jason Gorowitz, PI Attorney for spending two hours of his time with referral client regarding two car accidents they were in within 6 months- both times client was not at fault and had injuries. Referral was living in Orange County at time of accidents and recently moved up to SFV. Jason went through her detailed account of accidents and paperwork. He advised her that attorney dropped the ball and as a result he could not help her. He guided her on what she could do on her own to hopefully recoup medical expenses and pain & suffering money. Jason went above and beyond his call of duty in guiding referral even though he could not help her. A TRUE PROFESSIONAL!

Grace Mitnick

It's "true", Howard Blum is "the best lawyer at uncovering money". I referred a friend of mine who has a business cleaning Bio Hazard events and "hoarder's who sometimes don't want to pay the expense of cleaning up their homes, even though they are threatened by their local municipalities to "clean up" or "else". My friend never received payment from a pair of hoarders and has been waiting a year for her money and Howard has managed to get some of it, but he's "dogged' in not giving up and my friend will receive they money she is owed for her services. Thanks Howard.

Lorraine Jones
Lenders , Option Funding, Inc.