A Thank You to Lorraine Jones, Reverse Loans Consultant. She referred me to one of her clients which led to the writing of a Homeowners and Personal Auto policy. Thanks, Lorraine!

Les Himes
Insurance , Phillipp & Associates Insurance Services, Inc.

I cannot say enough positive things about Mike Monteleone with RE/MAX Olson, and his commitment to professionalism and patience with one of my reverse loan clients who I referred him to help her List and sell her home in Redondo Beach, and then purchase a new property where I would represent her in the transaction, using funds from a reverse loan. She did make things a bit difficult for each of us and moving things forward to a successful close, but Mike was extraordinarily patient with her and helped her in so many ways that would take too long to describe here. He is amazing and I cannot ever recall working with a Realtor of his caliber and expertise. He's experienced, kind and knows how to navigate purchase transactions and is always available to help with the loan process and in conclusion, we closed and funded my new purchase after some "drama" and she is very happy.

Lorraine Jones
Lenders , Option Funding, Inc.

Thank you Lawrence Hurwitz, LFG, for the Medicare referral. Best, Reeva Rivkin Rivkin Insurance Services

Reeva Simon Rivkin Simon Rivkin
Insurance , Rivkin Insurance Services

I met Liat Cohen for the first time at an AC Women's group and she immediately referred a potential client-a manufacturer and internet sales company- to me. Liat has her own firm and is an employment attorney. I truly appreciate her referral and trusting me. Thank you Liat! December 2018.

Carrie Hidding
Accountant , teamCFO

I appreciate John Eddow's referral to a potential client needing help to restart the inventory tracking system on QB Enterprise. John is a CPA, tax accountant and business adviser at Stengel, Abselet and Company. Aside from tax practice, his firm also works as business managers to their clients. December 2018

carrie hidding
Accountant , teamCFO

Thank you to Jeff Rollert for sending me a few clients this month to handle their various estate planning needs. His clients were a delight to work with and really commended on how much Jeff cares about his clients. This made me feel good knowing that my new clients were also being well taken care of by Jeff and that their financial houses were also in order.

Jennifer Sawday

I wanted to thank Eric Olson, whose firm handles most all legal matters with great ability, but needed to refer a small bankruptcy client in Orange County who I am now working with. Thank you Eric.

David Brownstein
Attorney , Law Office of David I. Brownstein

Bradford Bach is a dynamo and power networker. I owe Bradford much gratitude for inviting me to be his guest at one of the All Cities Long Beach meetings, skillfully moderated by Jerry Friedman and counseled by Eric Shaw. At my first meeting, I immediately realized that All Cities was an organization I must join not only for networking opportunities but to develop deep connections with highly respected and successful professionals. Not only do members share information and insights like a brain trust, they also draw from the All Cities community to provide vetted resources, services and products to clients. My experience with the All Cities collective is evidence that members most assuredly make money -- to answer Eric Shaw's challenge question. Thank you, Bradford, for making a difference by sharing All Cities with me and for continuing to be a staunch supporter.

Nelinia Varenas Varenas
Web Development , Breakthrough SEO Marketing

Jeffrey Rollert is a powerhouse when it comes to connecting All Cities members and providing sage advice on just about anything. I would describe him as a proverbial Renaissance man, but he doesn't keep his knowledge to himself, he shares it to help others. As a new member to All Cities, Jeff invited me to introduce one of my company's services at the Pasadena All Cities, a meeting that he capably moderates with charm and wit. That platform shed the spotlight on me and, I am grateful to Jeff for his support and mentorship of me. I am also grateful to Jeff for referring people with whom synergies can blossom. Thank you, Jeff, for becoming one of my very special role models and for referring companies my way.

Nelinia Varenas Varenas
Web Development , Breakthrough SEO Marketing

I would like to thank Eric Colon with Alternative Wealth Solutions. Eric referred a client of his who was looking to purchase several properties at once. Eric made the introduction and he called and informed me about his client's request. Thank you Eric.

Sean Hesami